Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University


The HRC-BAU is a university initiative that assists students and accordingly their communities to a better understanding of their rights through raising awareness in the course of formal and non formal methods thus complementing their education all through university years and years after.
The center also strives to partner with other national and international institutions and NGOs and achieve its objectives through empowerment skills, access to data, students’ development activities, and communal interaction.

Years from now the center will have helped create a more harmonious community by exposing youth in Lebanon to human rights and helping them understand violations while acquiring the education, skills and resources necessary in an attempt to create the desired change and build a better future

About Us

The Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University (HRC-BAU) was established in 2009 as a specialized center independent of all the faculties and departments at the university.

HRC-BAU is under the direct supervision of the president of the university, Dr. Amr Jalal El Adawi, the Chairman of its Board of Directors. The daily activities of HRC-BAU is carried out by its Director assisted by the Executive Secretary and many volunteers..

The Board of Directors is composed of permanent and non-permanent members of legal and non-legal backgrounds.






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