Amnesty International ICM 2011

Having emerged on the other side of the 2011 Amnesty International ICM with an extensive global Amnesty family, we should never forget how international we are. The strength of our international relationships within the movement, as well as our partnerships, has brought us to where we are today, on our 50th anniversary.

However, we are still in a situation where many countries are still without Amnesty International sections but are facing human rights abuses, not necessarily because they want to be but because it is politically dangerous for people of these countries to demonstrate views that are in opposition to the government’s. As Aung San Suu Kyi stated in her video statement to the ICM, “Amnesty is almost synonymous with human rights,” so we should continue to strive to help empower those who want to fight human rights violations.

On Amnesty International’s 50th birthday, there is still a strong divide…

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